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Visiting Day Kayitz 2022

Visiting Day First Session: TBD

Visiting Day Second Session: TBD

NOTE: A decision about Visiting Day will be made later in the year.

Some Important Visiting Day Information

We encourage you to speak to our staff about the progress and development your child has experienced at Camp Moshava. Division Heads, the Head Counselor, and the Director can be found in the area near the Head Counselor’s office. All counselors are required to be in front of or around your child’s bunk.

No children will be allowed to leave the campgrounds unless signed out by a PARENT or LEGAL GUARDIAN with the knowledge of the Division Head. Please note that a grandparent, brother, sister, aunt, etc. are not legal guardians and WILL NOT be allowed to take a child off campgrounds unless written authorization from the parents or legal guardians has been received in advance. There will be no exceptions to this rule. Your cooperation in this important legal and safety matter is greatly appreciated.

No pets are allowed into Camp on Visiting Day!

We are a peanut sensitive Camp, please do NOT bring snacks containing peanuts or traces of nuts!

Staff at Camp Moshava are not allowed to accept tips.

Food & light refreshments will be available for purchase.