Camp Moshava Mission Statement

Camp Moshava aims to educate all members of its camping community to make Aliyah and to establish a model society in Eretz Yisrael, which will serve as an Or La Goyim, At the heart of this endeavor is Bnei Akiva’s ideology of Torah Va’Avodah and Religious Zionism. Permeating all aspects of camp life, Torah Va’Avodah emphasizes the importance of interpersonal relations, social justice and contributing to the community within the framework of Torah and Halacha. Camp Moshava will support and inspire the social, emotional, intellectual and religious growth of its members within a fun camping environment.

Camp Moshava is committed to developing an inclusive environment that is open and provides dignity to all regardless of ability, cultural background, ethnicity, gender, race or sexual orientation. We are passionate about our cause to strengthen communities and we achieve this through a welcome environment and training for our campers and staff.

Camp Moshava is a religious Zionist camp sponsored by Bnei Akiva of the US and Canada for the purpose of furthering the educational and ideological goals of Bnei Akiva.

Goals for Campers

  • Help each camper develop a better appreciation for the beauty and values of the Jewish Orthodox tradition, leading to more meaningful understanding and learning, observance, and practice
  • Help each camper develop new skills and improve existing abilities
  • Encourage each camper to develop social skills to use in better adapting to peer groups, and engaging in cooperative constructive efforts with those groups; provide each camper with the opportunity to learn and practice group leadership skills
  • Help each camper foster an enhanced self-concept through the development of skills, responsibility, self-awareness and group membership
  • Provide each camper with a challenging and rewarding camp and outdoors experience which helps him or her develop appreciation and concern for the environment
  • Help each camper experience the session educational theme, to learn applied lessons about social responsibility, Jewish history and tradition and about the ideology, values, aims, and practices of Bnei Akiva
  • Help each camper strive to think more creatively, become more inquiry-oriented and become a better observer
  • Let each camper learn to meet his or her needs responsibly and in a healthy fashion
  • Help each camper have an enjoyable summer

Camp Office

245 Navajo Road
Honesdale, PA 18431

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