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 Staff Application

American Staff Information

Kayitz 2021 American Staff Application is OPEN!!! 

Positions are for applicants residing in the United States and currently in 11th Grade and older ONLY! Any applicant younger than 11th Grade cannot work at Camp Moshava. 11th graders CAN work 1st, 2nd or full session this summer. 

Returning Camp Moshava staff do not need recommendation forms or an interview! (If you were hired for Kayitz 2020 you are considered returning staff.) 

New staff applicants are required to:

  • provide two recommendations
  • schedule and attend one interview

RETURNING STAFF VERY IMPORTANT: Please use the same email address you used in past year to begin this. If you do not remember what email address you used, or would like to change you login email address, please contact Ivy Tirosh:

If you are not an American citizen or not an Israeli citizen you should fill out the American application and you must be 18 years or older to apply unless you are applying for the Beit Midrash Program. 

Israeli Residents ONLY!

Kayitz 2021 Israeli Staff Applications are CLOSED!!! Male post army can still apply. Email for application.

PLEASE NOTE: We are unsure about getting Visas for Foreign staff for Kayitz 2021. Preference will be given to US citizens.

At Moshava, we are pleased to bring in a large staff from Israel. Please read below for employment options.

Mishlachat (delegation of Israeli staff). Applicants must have graduated High School, and can be after their Army service or after National Service (Sherut Leumi). Mishlachat members can work as specialty staff, kitchen staff or technical staff.

Shministim & Shviistim (Israeli Students currently enrolled in 11th or 12th Grade). Applicants must currently be completing 11th or 12th grade and can work as either counselor, specialty staff, kitchen staff or technical staff. We only accept US citizens for this age group.

Reference Form: All applicants need two references. Please forward the form to the person that needs to fill it out. If you would like to complete a reference form for an Israeli Applicant please click here.

If you are currently spending a year in Israel-Shana BaAretz, please complete the American Staff Application.