No! We hold your deposit whether you made it by check or credit card while your child is on the waiting list. If an opening becomes available for your child, we will contact you directly, either at home or at work BEFORE we deposit the check or charge your credit card, to confirm that you have not made alternative plans and are still intending to send your child to Moshava. Upon your verbal OK, we will then continue the registration process. Therefore, there is no way for anyone to incur a financial loss by being on our waitlist. It is our policy not to accept money from a family unless we can guarantee them a place in the camp.

If you wish, you can call the office and ask our secretary approximately what number your child is on the waiting list. It is truly difficult sometimes to put numbers on applications that arrived on the same day in our office and to decide which one is first. We prefer to tell you how long the list is in that particular age group and whether your child is near the top, in the middle or near the end of that age group list.

We do not give priority to full season applications in terms of placement on the waitlist or preference when positions open up in camp. However, full season applicants are written down on both the first session wait list for the particular age group and the second session waitlist as well. If a place for the first or second session alone becomes available for your child, we will call you and offer you that option. When a place opens up in camp for one child but not the other, we will still call you and offer you the option to take that place for the individual child and to leave the other child on the waiting list.

NO! You must call us and tell us that the other month is an option as well.

YES! Children DO get into camp off the waitlist. Although there is movement on the list until the summer, there are three time periods when the bulk of cancellations and changes that create openings occur. 1. On January 1 when half of the tuition for those who are registered is due. This often pushes people who are holding spots to make decisions. 2. At the beginning of February when the deposit for those who are already registered becomes totally non-refundable.  3. May 1 when full tuition is due.

The Moshava office will contact you ONLY if a place becomes available for your child. We do not call or send periodic updates concerning their current status. You are welcome to call us periodically and we will give you that information.

Obviously, that is a very difficult question to answer. We have significant movement off the waitlist every year – anywhere from 25 to 75 campers across all age groups. People already registered will cancel for a wide variety of reasons – including financial, medical, sabbaticals, family vacations, etc.  However, the number of cancellations there will be in a particular age group in a particular month is IMPOSSIBLE to predict.  Because you have no chance of losing money by remaining on our waitlist, there is really no reason not to remain on the list. However, if you do make alternative plans that have no chance of being changed if and when a place opens for your child, please call and inform the office so we can return your check and remove your child’s name from the list.

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