☑ All skirts or ¾ length pants (no leggings) must fully cover the knee’s when sitting or standing.

☑ Skirt slits may not extend above the knees.

☑ Shorts, tight-fitting skirts and mini-skirts are not permissible.

☑ Tank tops, sleeveless shirts, cap sleeves, low cut shirts or tight fitting shirts may not be worn. Shirts must be long enough so that no midriff is exposed when you are standing, sitting or as a result of regular movement.

☑ No shirts with slogans written across the chest.

☑ No body piercings other than earrings are permissible.

☑ No dying of hair in an unusual way (e.g. blue, green, yellow, purple.)

☑ Underwear may not be showing at any time.

☑ No writing across the rear end is allowed on any clothing.

☑ Shabbat: a white shirt and a dark skirt must be worn Friday night. No denim skirts, pants or sneakers are permitted on Shabbat.


☑ Tzizit and Kippot must be worn at all times

☑ Shirts: No tank tops or undershirts (worn alone) are permissible. And a shirt must be worn at all times.

☑ Shorts: All shorts must reach the top of the knees and cover the body modestly.

☑ No earrings or body piercings of any type.

☑ Underwear may not be showing at any time.

☑ Shabbat: Solid white shirt (collared and button-down) and dark slacks. No jeans or sneakers are permitted on Shabbat.

We appreciate your complete cooperation in respecting these policies. Without your support, the potential for conflict between supervisory staff and tzevet may arise creating discomfort for all involved. Please make sure that you only pack clothes that meet our dress requirements. We will ask you to change, purchase new clothes or if necessary, return home if you insist on wearing items that do not meet our standards.