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Introducing Mobile MOSH! Beginning on July 7, with The Silvermen Band concert, we are bringing a taste of camp to our families this summer through our online programming. This virtual programming provides campers an opportunity to connect, create, and further friendships and participate in Religious Zionism wherever they may be. These virtual programs will be offered at no-cost to families. Though we can’t be together at camp this summer, we are looking forward to engaging with our Camp Moshava community in new ways! We have exciting programming that you can access from the comfort of your home. Join us online to participate in your favorite camp activities. We understand that nothing can replace the magic of Camp Moshava at 245 Navajo Road, but we hope that you will join us this summer!

Keep visiting this page as well as our Facebook and Instagram for upcoming schedules! You can also see schedules below…If you are unable to attend an activity/event at the scheduled time, you will be able to view a recording on our website within 48 hours.