Staff Information

The following forms must be filled out before you will receive a paycheck.

Forms are located in your Campmider Account

  1. Medical Form
  2. I-9 Form – The Federal Government requires a form that documents your American citizenship. You, therefore, must bring one of the following with you to camp:
    •  Current Passport ( a photocopy will suffice )
    •  Drivers License AND Social Security Card
    •  Birth Certificate (Photocopy)
    • These documents are necessary to fill the form out at camp. If you filled out a I-9 form last summer, you will not be required to fill out a new one this summer.
  3. W-4 Form – Tax Form ( Filled out at camp ). All paychecks are issued the day that you leave camp and complete all your responsibilities as a staff member. Please note that the following are deducted from your paychecks:
    • FICA – Social Security Tax
    • Bnei Akiva Dues – $12.50 is deducted from your paycheck and Camp Moshava pays the other half of the fee on your behalf.
  4. Fingerprint Permission Form
  5. FPN Form
  6. PA Child Abuse Record Check From

Click here for the Staff Information Manual

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