July 4 – Yom Tzahal 2

Today we explored how the Israel Defense Forces operates with a code ethics.  We also learned about the Military Rabbinate, technological innovations and equality issues. 

DID YOU KNOW???  Israeli Air Force was created in May 1948 with only 18 pilots, 12 of whom were foreigners and WWII vets recruited to help Israel form as a new state. The first planes were small ones, purchased from Czechoslovakia, and for many of the pilots it was their first time flying these planes.  Today Israel has the third strongest air force in the world!  Chanichim built helium balloon airplanes and raced them in honor of Israel’s amazing Air Force.


Eidah Hey had a special interactive peulah learning about the history and meaning of Hatikva with music educator Frannie Goldstein.


Galgalone, Tie Dye, Kadarut, Archery and more!  It was a fantastic day!


Eidah Bet boys has a Basketball activity with the visiting Elitzur Israeli team!  The girls had a special peulah to learn all about different aspects of the Israeli army.


Eidah Gimmel had an amazing time on our new Zipline and Giant Swing!  They were also the first chanichim to use our new and expanded Melechet Yad art room.


Eidah Daled had an incredible time on their Shmutz!  We met up with them this morning during fire groups while they were cooking breakfast.

MACHAL is out on big hike to Jenson Ledges. We will post pictures when we get them!


Don’t miss this cool aerial view of our gorgeous lake!