Tisha B’Av

Today, on Tisha B’Av, the chanichim of machane had many different peulot commemorating the day. Eidah Hey read the book “Storky’s Journey Home” by Nachshon Meir Speigelman (Channah’s son!), and heard about a bird who lost his way during migration and found his way home. They understood that this book was a mashal for Kibbutz Galuyot, and they made their own birds that represented different Jews coming home.  Eidah Aleph visited our Tisha B’Av Discovery Zone and built the walls of Yerushalayim with blocks, played a Gates of Yerushalayim card game, made the keilim of the Beit Hamikdash out of play dough and more! Eidah Bet heard about the importance of random acts of kindness and wrote letters to thank those around camp for their hard work. Eidah Gimmel learned about the centrality of Yerushalayim to the Jews all around the world and emphasized this through their string art. Eidah Daled went on a walk through time, where they chose their own paths through Jewish history, experiencing what Jews went through at different places and in different times. 


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