Visiting day

It was a beautiful day and it was so nice to see so many people visiting camp today.

Bruchim habaim to kaytana. They arrived today, unpacked, ate and had a lot of fun at their night activity.

We had a few photographers walking around so please look through all the albums. You might find yourself in more than one.

Friday Mifkad Album 1

Friday Mifkad Album 2

Fraday Mifkad Album 3

Beit knesset Ohel Natan Dedication
Ohel Natan is dedicated in memory of Nasan Friedman who passed away last year. He served as the Chairman of the Moshava and Bnei Akiva Boards for over 40 years. It was very meaningful to have his family here for the dedication.

Visiting Day Album 1

Visiting Day Album 2

Visiting Day Album 3


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