Yom Yehuda V’Shomron – 2

We had a great day at camp today. We had some storms this afternoon and the sky was beautiful. It was brief and it didn’t diminish the fun. The sun was shining soon afterwards.

Eidah Hey went on their shmutz. They stayed out for a few hours and returned to camp before the rain. They will go back out to the shmutz site in the morning.

Eidah Bet learned about Shvil HaAtzmaut that was built to tell the story of the founding of Tel Aviv. They got to horse race like Meir Dizengoff, vote at Independence Hall, learn about the story of Achuzat Bayit, and enjoy our chocolate fountain representing the Gutman fountain in Tel Aviv.







Machal was not in camp today but they sent us a few pictures from their yom chesed on Tuesday