Yom Kibbutz Galuyot

Today was Yom Kibbutz Galuyot. Eidah Hey learned about the Aliyah from Baghdad, Operation Ezra and Nechemiah. They heard about how the Iraqi Jews were only able to take one suitcase and had to leave their jewelry behind when they made Aliyah. We read the book “Shoham’s Bangles” by Sarah Sassoon (https://lernerbooks.com/excerpts/27646#wowbook-excerpt/9)  and heard about how her family hid their jewelry in their pitot, and brought them to Israel.  We even heard from chanicha Abby Levi, who told us about her family who came on Aliyah from Baghdad, and they too hid their jewelry but this time, they hid it in their shoes!  The chanichim then made a Sabich sandwich, a traditional Iraqi food that was brought to Israel from Iraqi Olim.


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