Yom Landmarks 2

Today was a great day in camp. we have some pictures of eidah aleph on their shmutz and a few of eidah gimmel while they were getting ready to leave for roller skating.

Mini Mosh
Mini Mosh had a terrific first full day here in camp! They were spotted up in the trees, in the water of our swimming pool, and on the warm sand of our beach volley ball court.

Eidah Hey
Having lots of fun at Taboon and Teva!
Everyone can agree that Soccer, Beach Volleyball, and Climbing Wall can never get boring!
Yay for Camp Moshava!

Eidah Aleph
Always excited for the Shmutz!
Learning how to build tents, collect wood, and cook!
Even the the rain can’t stop us!
Please don’t let the shmutz end!
Hamburgers and hot dogs make for the greatest dinners!

Eidah Bet
Biking and Nagarut are always exciting!
Ending the hot day with the Slip n Slide is cool too!
Today couldn’t have been better!

Eidah Gimmel
Great fun was had today on a roller skating trip!
Imagine all the fancy tricks they learned!
Many kids can testify to having an incredible time!
Making memorable moments is what Moshava’s all about!
Even though we don’t have pictures,
Lots of smiling faces greeted us upon their return home!

Eidah Daled
Doubting this Eidah would be a mistake,
As they prepare for the play their days are jam packed!
Laughter could be heard from Tie Dye, Kadarut, and Taboon!
Even the Soccer field and Basketball courts were flooded with their contagious energy!
Dancing, singing, and acting is just the beginning of what this Eidah is capable of!

Camp Candids