Yom Landmarks

Today was a beautiful, sunny day. We are so happy to have Mini Mosh in camp.

Mini Mosh
Mini Mosh had a great day today. We saw them archery, galgalone, melechet yad, and beach volleyball.

Eidah Hey
today the eidah hey boys learned that there are meanings behind logos and symbols. They concentrated specifically on Israeli symbols and then made cookies with their own logos. We saw the girls having fun at different peulot around camp.

Eidah Aleph
Eidah aleph left on their shmutz today. We were lucky to get some pictures of them as they were leaving.

Eidah Bet
We saw the eidah bet boys painting their pottery at kadarut and we also saw them at beach volleyball. We have a few pictures of girls at peulot, but you’ll find most of the girls in the Firetruck pictures

Eidah Bet and Gimmel Girls (Firetruck)
The eidah bet and gimmel girls had so much fun today when the firetruck came and sprayed them on the main migrash.

Eidah Gimmel

Eidah gimmel had a great day. We saw the boys at different sports and at the museum. We saw the girls at Teva, Taboon and music as well as at the firetruck. Check out the firetruck pictures.

Eidah Daled
We got pictures of eidah daled while they were preparing for their carnival. Every year eidah daled makes a carnival for eidah hey.

We were lucky to have Machal in camp today. We saw them enjoying peulot all over camp.

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