Yom Omanut

Today for yom omanut we had a special guest artist – Hanoch Piven. Mr. Piven spoke to chanichim in eidot hey and bet today about his art. Afterwwards the chanichim had a chance to make their own “Piven” style self portraits. It was an amazing experience. It was nice to see everyone having so much fun. Click here to find out more about Hanoch Piven.

Mini Mosh
Today Mini Mosh had a special fair where they learned about different Israeli innovations.

Eidah Hey
“I love Galgalone because its just really fun and I love rolling down the hill!”
Claire Rosensaft from G3R after her Galgalone Peulah

Eidah Aleph
“The Pita and Chummus are very tasty and making it all was cool too.”
-Shawn Caplan from B14 after Chavaya Israelit

Eidah Bet
“I learned how to express myself through art and the random things I find. You can use anything around you to make something creative and cool”
-Leila Goldstein from G1 after making her self portrait with Mr. Piven

Eidah Gimmel
“Kayaking was so much fun because the double Kayak allowed me to kayak with my friend and we went really fast.”
Mo Wasserman from B2 after kayaking in the lake

Eidah Daled
“I made a cup that I love because I’m excited to use it for coffee when I get home.”
Dana Infante from G6.5 after completing her ceramic cup in Kadarut

Camp Candids