Erev Shabbat

Last night was so much fun. The chanichim participated in a trivia game. The prize was the use of the fire pit. It was a lot of fun. After the games everyone walked down to the courts for fireworks and dancing.

Opening Night Album 1

Opening Night Album 2

Today was another great day in camp. Everyone is busy getting ready for Shabbat. It’s so nice to see everyone dressed for Shabbat in blue and white

Eidah Hey
Eidah Hey had a great day today. we got pictures of the boys playing soccer and the girls at other peulot around camp.

Eidah Aleph
Eidah Aleph Had so much fun. We saw the boys on the lake toys and the girls at kadarut, drama and other peulot.

Eidah Bet
Eidah bet boys had a great time on the lake toys today. The girls had fun at Zumba taboon anf other activities.

Eidah Gimmel
Eidah Gimmel had fun all over camp today. We saw them at activities such as tie dye, melechet yad and volleybal. Some of them even got to go on the slip N slide.

Eidah Daled
Eidah Daled Was all over camp. We saw them at galgalone, high ropes, Basketball and other fun activities.

Machal is back in camp today. We have some pictures from their hike yesterday at Stoke National Park, from there hike today around the lake and in Honesdale having ice cream. Thank you Chaim, Shloime and Yuda for taking pictures.


Camp Candids