Moshava Family

Moshava is not just a camp, it’s a place where kids and teens, the future leaders of our Jewish communities, learn so much about who they are as Jews, what it means to be Jewish and how important Medinat Yisrael is. It’s an extremely important experience for anyone who attends, in having an unforgettable summer, creating strong long lasting friendships in the very warm social environment, and attaining/strengthening a very important Religious Zionist education – all both for the Chanichim as well as all staff. As Madrich, I can safely say that I left Machane Moshava at the end of summer having unexpectedly gained so much knowledge and pride for who I am as a religious Jew, and a Zionist. Moshava has done and given so much for the community, and now it’s our turn to help Moshava continue its strong mission, it’s so important. Thank you camp Moshava for everything you have given, and will Iy”H continue to give to the Moshava family!

Camp Office

245 Navajo Road
Honesdale, PA 18431

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