Yom Har Habayit Beyadeinu

Today Gibbushon started in camp. Each eidah/team name represents a different time in Yerushalayim’s history. Eidah Alpeh’s Team Melucha represents the time of David and Shlomo Hamelech. Machal’s team Emunah stands for the time of Ezra and Nechemiah and the return to rebuild the Beit Hamikdash.  Daled, Team Tkuma, represents the rebuilding of Yerushalayim in the 1800s. Eidah Bet, Team Tikva, is all about the time from 1948-1966 and yearning to return to a full Yerushalayim. Eidah Gimmel, Team Hagshama, represents the fulfillment of the dream of reunifying Yerushalayim in 1967. Lastly, Eidah Hey, Team Birah, represents a modern Yerushalayim, the capital of our Jewish State.


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