Yom Mapat Yisrael

Everyone had a lot of fun on the first day of camp and we are looking forward to fireworks tonight.

We take pictures of every bunk at different peulot throughout the day. The pictures are organized by eidah.

Sometimes our photographers like to take pictures walking around camp. You can find those pictures by clicking the Camp Candids link.

Eidah Hey
Eidah hey had a great day in camp today. We saw them at peulot such as tree climbing, beach volleyball, archery and melechet yad.

Eidah Aleph
Eidah Aleph was all over camp today. We found them at archery, making pizza at taboon, using the wheel at pottery and many other peulot.

Eidah Bet
Eidah bet had a lot of fun. We saw some of the girls playing basketball, at low ropes and making pizza at taboon. We found the boys at biking, archery and beach volleyball.

Eidah Gimmel
Eidah gimmel had a great day today. We found them having fun all over camp today.

Eidah Daled
Eidah daled was all over camp today. We found them at high ropes, tie dye, utlimate frisbee and many other peulot.

Camp Candids


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