Yom Memshala

Today was a beautiful day in camp. Some bunks had a special peulah called Mapat Yisrael where they learned about different places in Israel and played on a giant map.

Friday Mifkad

Eidah Hey 
Today the Eidah Hey boys partook in fierce basketball games against one another while the girls enjoyed Archery, Music, and our new Museum, “From 70 to 70”.

Eidah Aleph
Cheering could be heard all throughout camp as the Eidah Aleph boys took on one another in their league basketball games. The girls had just as much fun experiencing our special Peulah of Mapat Yisrael which included intense games of ‘simon says’ and ‘freeze dance’.

Eidah Bet
Today Eidah Bet’s artistic abilities really shined bunks created master pieces at melechet yad, Nagarut, and Tie Dye. Teva, Galgalone, and Archery also had the pleasure of entertaining this delightful group.

Eidah Gimmel
All of Eidah Gimmel had the chance to splash around in the lake today. While some lake toys may seem scary, these Eidah Gimmel kids could not be stopped. The encouragement they gave one another while in the water guaranteed that every camper had a good time.

Sammy’s Bar Mitzvah
Thank you Yuda for taking these pictures.

Eidah Daled
Archery, Tie Dye, and Nagarut are just a few of the places we spotted our oldest Eidah today. Daled was also seen by beach volley ball and low ropes. However, it seems that their favorite Peulah is our very new slip n’ slide which they conquered with great triumph.

It was a delight having Machal in camp today. Not only were they getting active on our courts, but also in our Taboon where they made all kinds of pizzas.

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