Yom Semalim 2

Eidah Hey
Eidah hey Girls learned today that there are meanings behind logos. They specifically learned about the meaning behind the logo for Israel. They had a chance to make and design cookies with their own logos. We came across the boys having fun and getting wet in a giant eidah water fight.

Eidah Aleph

Everyone had a great time showing off their skills and good sportsmanship today as both Aleph boys and girls competed in a round robin game of basketball.

Eidah Bet 

Our staff had a great time taking pictures of Eidah Bet at kadarut, tennis, and Tie Dye!

Eidah Gimmel

Eidah gimmel was caught having fun at the climbing wall, archery, and nagarut!

Eidah Daled

While eidah daled prepares for their play they’re still making time for our best peulot such as high ropes, melechet yad, and taboon.

Machal spent the morning preparing for their yom chesed. They spent the afternoon at different camps running carnivals for people with special needs.

Camp Candids