Yom Yehuda V’Shomron

Today was our Intercamp sports competition.  Each eidah spent the day at a different camp competing in different sports against other camps.

The camps that participated are, Nesher, Seneca Lake, Lavi, Morasha and Mesorah. Eidah Hey stayed at Moshava and hosted the other camps. Eidah Aleph went to Seneca Lake. Eidah Bet went to Camp Lavi, Eidah Gimmel went to Mesora and Eidah Daled and Machal went to Morasha. There were chanichim all over each camp and we couldn’t get everywhere or everyone.  We had photographers at Moshava, Seneca Lake, Lavi and Morasha. We couldn’t get to Morasha.

Mini Mosh had a great day today. They enjoyed different peulot including “Fun at the Beach”, Teva, Drama, and the Mab.

Mini Mosh 

Hey Boys

Hey Girls